Below are some of our standardised courses related to this study pathway. We can create custom courses together as well. Just let us know your needs.


Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking

This course is an introduction to Cybersecurity that covers a range of subjects and tools that an Ethical Hacker should know about. The course is part theory but mostly a hands-on experience that will set students up for success when they have to apply what they have learned in their jobs.


Technical Leadership: "The CTO Course"

This course is a unique technical leadership program that aims to help senior IT professionals to take the ultimate next step in their careers. A Chief Technical Officer (CTO) is a senior executive responsible for the technical direction and strategy of an organisation. Technical leaders typically have a strong technical background and are responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of the organisation's products, services, and operations.

As you will notice from the experience of your teachers, the backgrounds and specific responsibilities of a CTO can vary depending on the organisation, but overall, a CTO is responsible for the technical vision, direction and execution of an organisation, they are the chief architect of the organisation's technology and are a key member of the leadership team.


Certified Cybersecurity Professional

The Cyber Security industry has grown more than 30 times in the last 10 years and is expected to keep growing exponentially. The only thing standing in your way is getting the right skills to secure a sustainable career. That's where Techmongers comes in.

The Cybersecurity field covers everything necessary to keep people and data secure: data exfiltration, system hardening, risk management, ethical hacking, penetration testing, physical security and privacy management are just a few examples of the topics covered within this industry. Government bodies, the military, large corporations, and medical institutions are now the sectors that are urgently prioritising cybersecurity, but as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and the world becomes more connected, more sectors will soon follow.

This course is an extensive introduction into the Cybersecurity field.

This is a part-time course, spread over 12 weeks. Live lessons and labs are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 18:30 - 21:30. There is 4 hours of self study material included each week.




Many organisations are struggling to adopt cybersecurity. Who to hire? What should their job look like? How can cybersecurity staff bring more value to our organisation, our products? Hiring for cybersecurity is hard. But we are here to help you set up and grow a strong cybersecurity team together.

The Cybersecurity major covers a solid foundation of knowledge of the attack surfaces: computers, networks, and how people and organisations use them. Management skills in this program prepare candidates for a job in change management to help organisations put security on the agenda and adopt security protocols throughout all divisions and processes in the organisation. The hard skills we teach in these programs prepare candidates for a job as a certified penetration tester.

The Cybersecurity traineeships start with a solid foundation of SCRUM and the Cybersecurity field in general to prepare your candidates and set them up for success. After that, we train hard skills and soft skills in red-team, blue-team scenarios and work our way through everything that is needed to become a valuable cybersecurity professional in your organisation. It is all very hands-on, even the soft-skills training.

Possible Certifications

SCRUM, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Pentest+, and many more.



Throughout the course, modules are end with assessments and sometimes exams (e.g. for the certifications). As an employer, you receive insights into your candidates' progress on a high level, although teachers may redact some personal information to protect your candidate's privacy.

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Expertise Programs

On the job, candidates can continue to grow in our up-skill programs and become analysts or first responders in your organisation's SOC, Security Advisor, Chief Security Officer (CSO), or Certified Ethical Hacker. Together with our partner, Kyna, we develop these materials as needed to make sure we can count on continued maintenance and improvements to the courses.

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Hybrid Classrooms

All courses are taught in hybrid form, meaning that candidates can come on-site to our classroom or study online. Some projects or collaborations may require students to come on-site. As an employer, you may prefer your candidates to learn online or on-site, too, so please let us know your wishes.

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