Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking

This course is an introduction to Cybersecurity that covers a range of subjects and tools that an Ethical Hacker should know about. The course is part theory but mostly a hands-on experience that will set students up for success when they have to apply what they have learned in their jobs.

On-Site or Online
Ethical Hacking

What's In This Course?

Here's a birds eye view of the contents of the course.

(Ethical) Hacking
(Kali) Linux
Change Management
Common Attacks
Computers & Networks
Penetration Testing

(Ethical) Hacking

Hacking is illegal in the wild, but in this course, we will do hacking in a contained lab environment. Going through the acts of hacking targets yourself will help you understand how real hacks work and to get a few steps ahead of the actual hackers.

(Kali) Linux

Linux is, just like Windows or MacOS, an operating system (OS). And a very common one at that! Many of the devices you use every day run Linux, starting with almost every web server on the internet and for example - closer to home - your smart TV. Kali Linux is a special distribution of Linux, packed with cybersecurity tools.

Change Management

Change is necessary, but organisations, and the people in them, are often set in their ways or unaware of the necessary changes they need to make to adapt to new situations that happen around them. Change management is necessary to make people aware of the needed changes, and to help them adopt them.

Common Attacks

You will learn about all the different attacks on the ever-growing list of common attacks to prepare you and your organisation for things that may happen to anyone. But knowing about them at least gives you a fighting chance!

Computers & Networks

Learn how computers work and how they are connected through computer networks, the largest network being the internet. Soon you will understand what things like CPU, memory, ethernet, ARP, and IP actually mean.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testers are basically hackers that are authorised to hack things. The goal is to find weaknesses in systems so they may be patched before ill-willed attackers find them.

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Learn modern technologies and current best practices. Our curriculum is market-orientated and is updated regularly.

Who's This Course For?

This course is for people who are familiar with using computers daily. Beginners will have to spend a bit more time learning the theory in this course, but we have seen people of all levels join this course and learn a lot. If you want to become an actual Ethical Hacker, this course is not enough (it's just an introduction), and you might consider joining our Cybersecurity traineeship instead. If you are a manager in a tech company, this course is a perfect introduction to cybersecurity.

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Cutting-Edge Technologies

Learn modern technologies and current best practices. Our curriculum is market-orientated and is updated regularly.

Get Certified

The course certificate shows that graduates know what Ethical Hacking is and that they are familiar with the technical concepts and common threats on a high level.

Course materials are provided online and will be available up to at least six months after the course.
Students who fail the course will be allowed to take necessary parts of the course a second time. Additional fees may apply when retaking exams via external partners.

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