DevOps & DevSecOps

DevOps & DevSecOps


Below are some of our standardised courses related to this study pathway. We can create custom courses together as well. Just let us know your needs.


Technical Leadership: "The CTO Course"


Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking

Course Overview

This course is a hands-on introduction to Ethical Hacking that covers a range of subjects and tools that an Ethical Hacker should know about.



DevOps & DevSecOps

In DevOps, we combine software engineering, building software, and IT operations, managing IT infrastructure. By combining these two, we create something called infrastructure as code: software programs that set up, monitor, and manage our IT infrastructure. DevOps focuses on building solid systems to provide ensured continuity of services. DevSecOps takes this a step further and focuses on security as well.

The DevOps and DevSecOps traineeships provide a foundation with SCRUM and the basics of IT operations and cybersecurity to best prepare your candidates and set them up for success. Every step along the way, we focus on best practices in IT operations and security and how to automate away common liabilities and uncertainties. After that, we train hard and soft skills in red-team/blue-team scenarios to find uncommon issues and unexpected issues. The course is very hands-on, even the soft-skills training.

Possible Certifications

SCRUM®, CompTIA Security+, Linux+, and various cloud provider certificates.



Throughout the course, modules are end with assessments and sometimes exams (e.g. for the certifications). As an employer, you receive insights into your candidates' progress on a high level, although teachers may redact some personal information to protect your candidate's privacy.

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Expertise Programs

On the job, candidates can continue to grow in our up-skill programs and become certified cloud engineers, analysts or first responders in your organisation's SOC, Security Advisor, Chief Security Officer (CSO), or Certified Ethical Hacker. Together with our partner, Kyna, we develop these materials as needed to make sure we can count on continued maintenance and improvements to the courses.

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Hybrid Classrooms

All courses are taught in hybrid form, meaning that candidates can come on-site to our classroom or study online. Some projects or collaborations may require students to come on-site. As an employer, you may prefer your candidates to learn online or on-site, too, so please let us know your wishes.

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